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Debbie de Vries is the Sole Proprietor of the Firm.  She was admitted as an Attorney and Conveyancer in 2004. She completed her B-Proc degree at the University of the North West, Potchefstroom, in 1995.  Her first year of articles was completed at Greyvensteins Inc in Cape Town, specializing in Conveyancing. Her second year was spent at Henry-Shields Chiat (Now De Vries – Shields Chiat) where she specialized in personal injury claims. The aim of the firm is to provide a professional but personal service which means that "our clients are not just numbers!

Legal Services

  1. Criminal Litigation
  2. Family Law / Maintenance Law / Childrens Act
  3. Wills And Estates and Insolvencies and Debt Collections
  4. Eviction Orders/ Hijacking of Buildings
  5. Insurance Law and Claims for Material Damages
  6. Conveyancing

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Debbie has experience in contentious as well as non-contentious corporate and commercial matters ranging from the drafting of commercial contracts to commercial litigation, with particular regard to corporate and contractual disputes


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